Time for a business rebrand?

Time for a business rebrand?

To be successful your brand must respond to change.

We’ve helped many businesses large and small, commercial and non profit to rebrand. Each had different reasons. Often clients confuse their brand with their logo. So let’s address the difference. Your brand is what people think of when they hear your ‘brand name’. Your logo is the visual mark that showcases the essence of your brand. The logo helps visualise your brand’s purpose and tone of voice. Your marketing material, website, shop and staff do this too.

Plan a rebrand if you’re facing :

  1. A new or changing target market.
  2. A period of expansion, out growing your current brand.
  3. A process of streamline your offering.
  4. A merger with another business.
  5. An outdated brand image.
  6. A brand image that isn’t ‘tech-able’ or mobile friendly.
  7. A need to differentiate from competitors
  8. Negative publicity and the desire to ‘start again’
  9. New owners or senior managers
  10. A legal / intellectual property issue. At Fresh Bread we can help shape or adapt both your brand and your logo development.

What we offer is a professional creative approach to a rebrand. Always honest anything we create will be easy to use, providing a positive impact on your business and easy to use. A rebrand can bring many benefits but also various risks. We’ll help you assess the way forward and help evaluate your brand equity.

Interested in a brand review or brand boost? Get in touch to find out the ways we can help.

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